How to get the best wedding ceremony photographs

As we have discussed in a previous blog post HERE, there are the four parts to any wedding day: before the ceremony, the ceremony itself, the after ceremony reception and the evening celebrations. In this second of a four part blog, we’ll be focusing on how we capture the moments leading up to the ceremony, the ceremony itslef and the joy after the bride and groom have tied the knot. We will cover both church ceremonies and civil ceremonies at the venue, and give you lot's of advice on what your wedding photographer, or preferably photographers should be looking for.

Ten years ago the majority of wedding ceremonies were held in a church or a registry office, with the odd one or two at licensed venues, but in the last five or six years there has been an increase in city and country hotels, manor houses, converted barns and farms that have been developed in to beautiful wedding reception venues with many getting the license to hold the ceremony. This increase in venue ceremonies has meant there is around a 50/50 split between church and venue civil ceremonies, making our job as wedding photographers a lot more diverse and exciting. If asked which is our favourite, we couldn't pick one over the other and both leave us with some beautiful wedding memories.

Whether the ceremony is in a church or at the venue, you can be pretty sure that both the bride and groom will be nervous. This time waiting in a bridal suit or outside of the church can be a perfect time for us to get some beautiful shots of them both contemplating the next few hours. We try to keep the photography natural and unobtrusive, prefering to capture emotions and events as they happen.

Though sometimes we are totally taken by surprise and the nerves of the bride and groom simply vanish and the fun and laughter begins.....

Fountain Photography has over thirty years professional wedding photography experience in Cambridgeshire and the surrounding conties and if there is one piece of advice we offer any wedding couples that visit our studio or talk to us at wedding fairs, it is always have two photographers covering your day. We are a father and son team and during the ceremony one of us covers from the front capturing the couples emotions close up, whilst the other covers from the back and captures a wider story and all of the little moments that the couple and guests miss.

It's these moments that can make one of our Queensberry wedding albums so special, from the bride arriving in the wedding car, the proud father of the bride walking her down the ailse, or the page boys carrying a sign for the groom to read, the details that two photographers can capture is a vital part of wedding photography.

Just look how excited and proud those flowergirls, pageboys and dads are!

You can see the joy and excitement on their faces, but to be the father of the bride on your little princess's special day is such a special moment, and one we love to cpature and show the world.

Once the father of the bride has delivered his little girl to a rather nervous yet excited groom, it is down to the vicar, registrar or celebrant to perfom the ceremony. Civil celebrants are becoming more and more popular now that the the laws for where you can get married has been changed and the tight rules lifted, which again has made the wedding photographers task even more fun.

A church wedding can be very atmospheric with beautiful ambient lighting and the chance to get so many great angles presuming you have the vicar on your side! If not the church wedding can be a lot more restrictive, and we find that it's always worth meeting the vicar and having a chat before the big day to make him or her understand that we'll be shooting in a very natural way with no distracting flash and always remaining respectful to the church. On the other hand a civil ceremony at a venue can be great fun as you have a lot more scope to move around during the ceremony and the views we get of the bride and groom are usually clutter free as we are pretty close.

Whichever wedding ceremony you decide to go for, we'll make sure we capture every special moment and memory, the excited groom, proud parents and cheeky bridesmaids and groomsmen, not to mention those special looks the bride and groom have.

As you can see from the above few shots, Lewis can get some great views from the back of the ceremony using a varied selection of lenses from wide to telephoto, but Andy is the one who captures the emotion, tears, fun and laughter, and what he says are the most important images of the day....Lewis would disagree here though.........

And we do like to see tears of joy during the wedding ceremony, so don't hold back on our account lol

Once we've captured all the tears and joy of the newly married couple, they've signed the register and been given the marriage certificate, it's time for the wedding march and confetti if allowed. At a church wedding, and inside venue weddings we have to set the guests up outside for the bride and groom to make a big exit, but an outside civil ceremony gives us the opportunity to try and make this as natural as possible as the couple walk down the aisle between the guests.

And this is why we love photographing weddings so much, the fun and laughter is infectious.....

Has all this talk of a perfect wedding morning got you excited for your big day? We can talk through exactly what you’d like to capture (over tea and cake!). Feel free to get in touch to talk about photos from pre-wedding prep to the party!

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